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Sallie Mae Headquarters Exterior Renovation


Metal Sales & Service Inc secures contract with Nason Construction [Wilmington DE] to complete the metal panel work for the building’s exterior renovation. 


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Aluminum Composite (ACM) Panels


For use in exterior cladding features on vertical, sloped, or horizontal surfaces using a "wet seal" method of backer rod and sealant. A smooth cladding material comprised of composite metal for insulated and/or non-insulated cladding applications over masonry, structural steel, stud backup, or within curtain wall designs.

For any project demanding complete design flexibility, Arcwall ACM can accommodate artistic freedom with a wide range of finish and base metal options at a competitive value over other non-metal materials.

Features and Benefits

  • All panels are custom fabricated and not limited by minimum production runs in standard colors.
  • All products are engineered and manufactured in-house. Fully tested for air, water, and structural performance.
  • Finishes are prefinished prior to fabrication with finish warranties up to 20 years.

Product Applications

  • Any standard exterior wall surface application
  • Where panel systems are attached to studs and sheathing substrates, a minimum of 16ga thick galvanized steel studs are required for adequate panel attachments and structural conformance
  • Enclosures for exposed columns, beam, or pilaster features
  • Non-glazed curtain wall spandrel applications
  • Suitable for 3-dimensional enclosures such as canopies, vestibules, and eyebrow features for projects in Retail, Commercial, Institutional, Government and Transportation sectors
  • For use on LEED projects, consult our staff for specific areas of contribution


  • Universal clip designs allow adjustable clips and individual panel removal
  • Anchorage system designed so that panels are secure yet free-floating to accommodate thermal expansion, contraction, and out-of-tolerance stud locations
  • Attachment clips are designed to slide into and mate with continuous panel frame members
  • Panel facing: Panel face skins are mechanically pattern-cut, bending lines back-routed using CNC programmable equipment
  • Factory curving available for wall systems and column enclosures
  • Standard 5/8" wide vertical and horizontal joints are sealed with backer rod and high-performance silicone sealant to accommodate construction tolerances and method of attachment.

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