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Sallie Mae Headquarters Exterior Renovation


Metal Sales & Service Inc secures contract with Nason Construction [Wilmington DE] to complete the metal panel work for the building’s exterior renovation. 


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Arcwall 1500


For use in exterior or interior cladding features on vertical, sloped, or horizontal surfaces, using a "wet seal" method of backer rod and sealant. A smooth cladding material comprised of solid metal for un-insulated cladding applications over masonry, structural steel, stud backup, or within curtain wall designs.

For any project demanding complete design flexibility Arcwall 1500 can accommodate artistic freedom with near unlimited finish, profile, and size options at a competitive value with other metal or non-metal cladding materials.

Features and Benefits

  • Typically manufactured in solid 1/8 or 3/16" aluminum materials. Plate panels are NOT a composite of laminated layers of plastic or insulation core materials.
  • All panels are custom fabricated and not limited by minimum production runs or size limitations.
  • Panels have uniform strength with no risk of delamination or combustion due to flammable components. Panel corners are welded and ground smooth with no visible seams for water intrusion.
  • All products are engineered and manufactured in-house. Fully tested for Air, water, and structural performance.
  • Suited for high wind-load applications with internal panel stiffening.
  • Solid materials are highly resistant to incidental dents and punctures and suitable for high-traffic or abusive environments.
  • Easily curved, contoured for radii down to 6" using a variety of fabrication and welding techniques.
  • Finishes are post-applied after fabrication by licensed applicators to provide the highest quality of finish coverage.
  • Finish warranties up to 20 years. (Consult factory for specific limitations.)
  • Panels are 100% recyclable after their useful life and are manufactured from materials with high post-consumer and industrial content, which can contribute to LEED credits.
  • Available with no VOC Powder coat finishes.
  • Solid aluminum features allow for forming techniques on curves, 3D profiles, and difficult transitions without unsightly splices or joints common in composite materials.
  • Materials are highly versatile due to their formability for complex applications.

Product Applications

  • Any standard wall surface application, whether interior or exterior
  • Enclosures for exposed columns, beam, or pilaster features
  • Glazed or non-glazed Curtain wall spandrel applications
  • Suited for a myriad of vestibules, canopies, eyebrow features
  • Available with articulations, reveals, and applique's
  • For facilities in Retail, Commercial, Institutional, Government, and Transportation sectors
  • For use on LEED projects, consult our staff for specific areas of contribution.

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